Escape this winter to Niue, a picture perfect unspoiled remote tropical island in the South Pacific – what could beat that? You deserve a week or two away from traffic, bustle, noise, cold, phones, and the concrete jungle. And, it is so easy. Book a home, book a flight, book a car, sling some holiday clothes in a bag, bring the books waiting to be read, and get prepared for an unforgettable real old time holiday.

And we have self-catering holiday homes for you to escape to. Full details are on our Holiday Homes page. Clifftop Fale and Aliluki South House are also listed on the Holiday Houses website. Book either through our site or Holiday Houses. The calendar on Holiday Houses will also show availability to help with planning your Niue holiday.

So Natural - So Niue
Niue, isolated, small, and amazingly beautiful in unexpected ways. Polynesia the way it used to be. Unsophisticated, unspoiled and slow paced, safe, quiet and clean. Friendly people, simple lifestyle, laid back and casual. Magic.

And different – little sandy coves to discover, reef pools to swim in, amazing clear water to snorkel, dive or fish. Niue has boutique beaches. Small is beautiful.

Relax into the ebb and flow of village life on Niue. The whole island is yours to enjoy. Explore the sea tracks on foot, bike the trails, explore the reef and ocean, eat out, self-cater, sleep peacefully. Oh, there are the roosters but they are part of Polynesia and island life.

If you are looking to make a life change, or having to face change and need space free of daily distractions and issues, Niue is a good choice. It is relaxed, it is distant, a place where your thoughts can be given space to develop and clear.


Our holiday homes are yours for your stay
We welcome children.
On island support at hand should you need it.

Our homes are simple and comfortable, think 60s kiwi bach. Unpack once, relax and enjoy. You have choices, out and active, laze around the garden, eat in or dine out, pack a picnic lunch or dip into your holiday reading.

If you want a longer stay on Niue, talk to us and we will try and make it happen.

Niue map

where is niue

Niue is 2400 km NE of New Zealand and located in the triangle of Tonga, Samoa and the Cook Islands at 19S, 169.5W


Niue is a huge uplifted coral atoll in the deep Pacific ocean fringed by a narrow reef and surrounded by abundant marine life.


Population: 1200
Language: Niuean and English
Currency: New Zealand $
Time zone: N.Z.
Around the island road: 65km


Air New Zealand flights operate weekly departing Auckland on Saturday morning, arriving Niue Friday afternoon. A second flight mid-week will operate from late May 2014, so check the Air NZ website.