Truly ‘out of the blue’ Niue rises from the deep ocean. Fringed by a narrow cliff-hugging reef and surrounded by abundant marine life,  one of the largest uplifted coral atolls in the world sits alone in the deep blue Pacific Ocean.

So much to explore …
Explore the sea tracks to discover little hidden beaches and snorkelling pools. Benefit from our on-island experience and contacts to make the most of your time and capture the magic of Niue. 


The Niue Tourism Office has up to date details of tours and events. Their contact details are in the side bar so email to see what is on for the dates of your holiday. Sometimes events happen at short notice, or can be cancelled, so be prepared to go with the flow. You are in Polynesia now and western (palagi) time can be left behind until departure time.

Reef WalksReef Walks - Rocks and rolls of the ocean

Discover the village sea tracks that lead to the island-hugging reef. Safe to explore at low tide with fascinating rock pools and larger pools to snorkel and swim. Explore on your own or take a tour.

Find a cliff-top and watch the ever changing ocean. The amazing blues of the sea, the churning white waves crashing onto the reef, or the calm of low tide to walk the reef and discover little coral sand beaches.

Rain Forest ExcursionsRain Forest Adventures - Living History

Several forest tours are on offer, and Ebony’s Forest Tour is a great introduction to the forest, ways of the past and traditional life

Art & CultureArt and Culture - Village Shows

The larger villages each holds an annual show day with produce, stalls, craft displays, games and competitions. It's a memorable experience of dance, food, handcrafts and fun. Stalls feature local foods with 'umu' or earth oven cooked food a must to sample. Niuean weaving is amongst the finest in the Pacific and the village shows display this intricate work.

CavingCaves and Chasms

Niue boasts some of the most spectacular cave systems in the South Pacific. The underwater caves are impressive enough but wait until you explore on land. Some you can explore yourself, such as Palaha, or the Anapala Chasm. Swim at the Matapa Chasm, experience the adventure of the track to Togo Chasm. Cave tours operate, but the schedule varies.

DivingDiving - Same planet different world!

Niue waters amaze divers with up to 80 metres visibility. They are rated amongst the clearest in the world. Below the island lie intriguing dive-throughs, chasms, caves and cathedrals. Swim with dolphins, sea turtles, sea snakes and colourful hard corals and biggest thrill of all, when you encounter whales. For more information click on this link to Niue Dive.

Whales and DolphinsWhales and Dolphins

From mid July through October is the whale season. Humpback whales, often travelling as family groups pass through Niue waters. Whale spot from shore or while enjoying a drink on the Matavai Resort's deck, from the patio at Sails Bar, Makapu Point or while relaxing at the Washaway Café. Dolphins too are frequent visitors to Niue waters and a swim with the dolphins tour is a highlight of any holiday. A Glass Bottom Boat trip lets non-divers enjoy the fascinating under-water life.


Rod fishing charters are available and some local semi-commercial fishermen will also take fishing charters. A few minutes from the wharf and you are fishing the deep ocean for wahoo, mahimahi and tunas. There's lots more on deep sea fishing in Niue waters on the Dive Fish Snow site. Click here.

Sea Turtle Charters are good operators, their site is

NB. As marine activities depend on the weather and sea conditions, they are best finalised once you are on Niue.

Reef WalksWeave Niue

Most week days there is a village weaving group in action where craft work is on sale or you may be able to take part. Details are available from the Tourism Office. Expert weavers create finely woven bags, baskets, mats and hats from the pandanus fibre.

Koefaga - Delicious Tropical Tastes

Delicious foods and skin care products are always appropriate and welcome gifts. 
Koefaga has outlets at my home stall in Alofi South (watch for the Koefaga Coconut Oil sign.on the coastal road south of Alofi) and part of the range is available at the Visitor Centre in Alofi and the Matavai Resort.
Hand made and featuring local fruits and produce, the Koefaga range by Island Style Organic Products is exclusive to Niue. Call in early to buy jams for holiday breakfasts, and pure coconut oil for after sun care and skin conditioning on your holiday.
Hand made coconut oil is available as a pure cold pressed oil, or delicately fragranced with real vanilla. These pure oils are beautiful skin conditioners for after shower, after sun and after swimming, and can be matched with Pure Coconut soap or Vanilla Exfoliating Soap. Our pure Coconut soap is fragrance free and suits most skins. Even your precious pet can be washed with coconut soap, and it is a great shaving soap too, with its dense soft lather. We even have a healing balm with tea tree oil to tackle any itchy bites.
For the foodie who loves trying new culinary products, our Vanilla range has Vanilla Pods, Vanilla Essence and Vanilla Paste. You’ve seen top chefs using vanilla on TV cooking shows, and this is your chance to buy these fresh, practically from the farm gate.
The Koefaga range can be taken into New Zealand, but must be declared on your entry form.
For more information on the Koefaga range, Click here.
Away from Niue, you can buy the same high quality Coconut Oil and Vanilla ranges on line from our sister company, Marama Products Ltd. Click here


A Quick Snapshot
The centre of the island is saucer-shaped 60+ metres above sea level. The terrain is easy and there are extensive tracts of virgin rainforest with areas of cleared land and regenerating forest. Most people live on the lower terrace that rings this where coconut palms abound. Then down another 30 metres of coral rock cliffs and you are on the reef that hugs the coastline.

Adventures on Bikes

Local and overseas competitors keep coming back to have a morning of fast and furious riding. Between stages there's time to chat, compare stories and get ready for the count down for the next special stage.

Plan ahead to make sure of your beds and airline seats.